Our clients’ projects typically range from $100,000 to over $6,000,000. KW Construction is insured and bonded for multiple types of projects.

Besides the General Building Contractor’s License, KW Construction and its staff hold C Licenses. Rather than relying on subcontractors for this expertise, our practice of holding the various C Licenses assures our clients that KW Construction has the expertise in-house; we are not reliant on a third party for these services. KW Construction also has trades crews that are employees, giving us the ability to better control quality and timeliness of our services.

We are a MBE/DBE certified Contractor with the California Department of Transportation. In addition, we are Supplier Education and Economic Development (SEED) certified with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

KW Construction, KW Contractors of Hawaii (RME Martin Sakata), and KW Contractors of Nevada (RME Martin Sakata) are dba’s for KRW Enterprises.

B General Building Contractor
C10 Electrical
C12 Earthwork and Paving
C16 Fire Protection
C20 Warm-air Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
C33 Painting and Decorating
C36 Plumbing
  • Lakeside Grill lake
  • Lakeside Grill side
  • Rite Aid Remodel
  • El MAcero Bar and Dining
  • Scrubs & beyond
  • Scrubs & beyond

Competitive Philosophy

At KW Construction we maintain our competitiveness by providing quality craftsmanship and reliable service to our customers. We do this by employing skilled professionals in our office staff and construction crews, investing in our people so that their skills are continually improved and their safety training is current, and utilizing continual feedback from our people and our customers to evaluate and improve our performance.